Syncs code examples with markdown documentation.

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Syncs markdown documentation with code examples.
Via npm:
npm i -D markdown-code-example-inserter

It's recommended to install this package as a dev dependency as it is a build-step operation.

Markdown files

Add an HTML comment that starts with the following text: example-link:. Then after that text, include a file path to the example file:
<!-- example-link: src/readme-examples/do-thing.ts -->

Here's an example from the GitHub repo. And here is the same file with the code examples inserted.


npx md-code [...moreFiles]

Any of the file names can be a glob. Put the glob in quotes if you wish to prevent your shell from expanding it (this package will expand the glob):
npx md-code "./*.md"

Check only

Use --check.
Check if the given files are updated, don't write anything.
npx md-code --check

Force an index file

Use --index.
Force an index file for imports that should be rewritten with your package name:
npx md-code --index path/to/index.ts [...moreFiles]

The index file is used to replace relative imports with package name imports. Like changing import from '../../index' to import from 'my-package'.

Ignore a pattern

Use --ignore.
npx md-code "./**/*.md" --ignore "./test-files/**/*"

Multiple --ignore patterns can be used:
npx md-code "./**/*.md" --ignore "./test-files/**/*" -ignore "./test-files/**/*"

node_modules is automatically ignored.

Turn off logging

Use --silent
npx md-code --silent