TypeScript Definition files for MarkLogic built-in functions

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TypeScript definition files for MarkLogic server-side-javascript functions and types, available as npm an module.
For the node.js client definitions try the marklogic-node-typescript-definitions package


Install these files as node.js dependency using npm:
npm install marklogic-typescript-definitions --save

To use the definitions, modify your ``tsconfig.json` file, adding the following entry to the `files`` section:

So, for example, your ``tsconfig.json`` file might look like:
    "compilerOptions": {
        "module": "commonjs",
        "target": "es5",
    "files": [

Suggested TypeScript Editors

Below are two suggested TypeScript editors:

Building the TypeScript definitions

The git repository (and npm package) contains the built definitions. If you'd like to re-build them, perform the following:
  • Clone this project
  • Create a folder xml/
  • Download a copy of the documentation from here:
  • Extract the zip, and copy the contents of the folder pubs/raw/apidoc/ into xml/
  • Delete the files listed below
  • Run npm install
  • Run gulp (may take a few minutes)

Note: you likely want to override ml-host, ml-user, and such. It runs by default as if you typed:
gulp --ml-host=ml8-ml1 --ml-port=8000 --ml-user=admin --ml-pass=admin

XML files to delete

Before trying to build, remove the following xml files (as some of these are xquery only modules):
- admin - convert - css - cpf - custom-dictionary - debug - dls - docbook - domains - ec2-2009-11-30 - excel - flexrep - geojson - georss - geospatial - gml - hadoop - info - infodev - json - kml - links - manage (all files beginning with 'manage') - mgcm - msword - package (all files beginning with 'package') - pdf - powerpoint - pipelines - pki - plugin - Profile - rest - RESTClient - searchapi - security - semantics-stub - spell - thesaurus - tieredstorage - temporal-stub - triggers - views - work-processing-ml - xhtml - xinc - xpointer