Minimalist mustache template replacement

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Minimalist mustache template replacement. Works extremely fast on one-off replacements and doesn't escape any values.


$ npm install maxstache


const maxstache = require('maxstache')

const str = 'My name is {{name}}'
const ctx = { name: 'jjjohnny' }
maxstache(str, ctx)
// => 'My name is jjjohnny'


nwStr = maxstache(str, ctx)

Replace {{<var>}} style variables in a string with values from a context. Variable replacement doesn't escape values.


Why not use {mus,min}stache?

minstache was built as a minimalist replacement for mustache, but is unfortunately no longer maintained. This package is built as a smaller, faster alternative to minstache that makes no assumptions about the file types (e.g. no HTML-style escaping by default).

Why doesn't maxstache escape values?

Template string escaping is useful for more than HTML. When building templates for a variety of languages, escaping assumptions merely get in the way. If you want to escape values, it's easy to pass the string result through an escape function or escape the variable values before passing them into this function. Hurray for composition!

25 lines is too much, make it shorter!

:rotatinglight: CODE GOLF INITIATED :rotatinglight:
module.exports = function maxstache (str, ctx) {
  return str.split(/\{\{|\}\}/).map((t, i) => !(i % 2) ? t : ctx[t]).join('')
Shout out to @divinegod and @someoneweird for thinking of ways to do this in less lines.

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