Material Design date/time pickers built with Angular Material and Moment.js

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Material Design date/time pickers built with Angular Material and Moment.js
Note: This repository was forked from alenaksu/mdPickers because of apparent inactivity. With version 1.0.0 I merged some important pull requests and added a lot of minor features myself (see changelog for details). In order to publish the update I renamed the package to md-pickers on bower. In the future will do my best to integrate further pull requests.

Online demos


Using mdPickers

Install via Bower:
bower install md-pickers

Alternatively, npm:
npm install md-pickers

Use in Angular:
angular.module( 'YourApp', [ 'mdPickers' ] )
  .controller("YourController", YourController );


  • x Fixes for existing functionality
  • x Integration of most important pull requests of the original repository
  • x Update documentation and online demo
  • Linting for code quality
  • Unit tests
  • Continuous Integration
  • Typescript
  • Add a picker for picking date & time as one
  • Unfork this repository if it matures (or merge it back into the original if it gets revived)


All contributions are welcome. In order to keep the code nice and clean please follow the boy scout rule.
Note on spaces vs. tabs: This project consistently uses 4 spaces for indentation.

Building mdPickers

First install or update your local project's npm and bower tools:
# First install all the npm tools:
npm install
bower install

# or update
npm update
bower update

Then run the default gulp task:
# builds all files in the `dist` directory
# Additionally, you can build the demo
gulp demo

To run the demo:
# If you don't want/can't install http-server globally

# Install http-server globally
npm install -g http-server

Then browse /demo (or /demo-dist if you built it) on the printed address.


  • Check that changes work on demo
  • Check that changes work on demo-dist
  • Update version in bower.json and packages.json
  • Add changes to
  • Build dist and demo-dist folders
  • Create new tag for the version
  • Submit to npm: npm publish


Please see LICENSE file.