DNS Packet handling for mdns-js

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DNS packet parser specifically built for mdns-js mdns-js but it should be generic enough to do general dns stuff.
You probably want to have a look at native-dns-packet first and if that does do what you need, you might start looking at this.
mdns-js-packet should produce the same output as native-dns-packet, it even uses it's test fixtures and borrows some parts of it.
This was made before i knew about native-dns-packet but since that still has some bugs in handling some mDNS packets I cant use it.


var dns = require('mnds-js-packet');

/*some code that will get you a dns message buffer*/

var result = dns.DNSPacket.parse(message);


Look at examples/dnsresolver.js for a more detailed example.


I will gladly accept any contributions as pull requests. Just run npm run lint on the code first so that the coding style is kept somewhat consistent. I miss doing this myself from time to time and I won't go ballistic if anyone else forget but I would really appreciate it.