Clean up your Meteor package cache!

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Clean up your Meteor package cache!
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[meteor] npm install -g meteor-cleaner

If you install meteor-cleaner globally using the npm version bundled with Meteor, you can run the clean-package-cache command like a built-in Meteor command.
Note: Windows is currently not supported!


[meteor] clean-package-cache [options]

clean-package-cache analyzes the packages in ~/.meteor and computes the amount of disk space that would be saved by removing versions according to the options explained below. Unless you pass the --yes (-y) option, you are asked for confirmation before anything is removed.
After analyzing the packages, the results are stored in a cache (~/.meteor-cleaner-cache) that is valid for 24 hours or until versions are removed. This means that you can quickly try out different options before you decide which versions you want to remove. You can force clean-package-cache to analyze all packages again (for example, if Meteor has downloaded new packages in the meantime) using the --ignore-cache option or by removing the cache file.


By default, clean-package-cache removes all versions of each package. Using the following options, you can specify which versions you want to keep. If you pass more than one option, clean-package-cache computes the union of all matching versions. For example, --keep-final --keep-latest 1 removes all but the latest pre-releases.
--keep-latest <n>
Keep the n latest versions of each package.
--keep-scanned <path>
Keep versions that are used by Meteor projects in path.
Keep final releases (everything that's not a pre-release).