A simple feedback button/widget. Use together with a microfeedback backend.

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A simple widget for capturing user feedback. Use together with a microfeedback backend such as microfeedback-github.
Uses sweetalert2 under the hood to display responsive, customizable, and accessible input dialogs.

Documentation (with demos)



microfeedback([elem], [options])

  • elem: The HTMLElement to bind to. If not given, the default button
will be rendered.
  • options
- url: URL for your microfeedback backend. If null, feedback will be logged to the console. May also be a function that receives btn and result (the user input) as arguments and returns a URL. Default: null - buttonText: Text to display in the default button. Default: 'Feedback' - buttonAriaLabel: aria-label for the default button. Default: 'Send feedback' - title: Title to display in the dialog. Default: 'Send feedback' - placeholder: Placeholder text in the dialog input. Default: 'Describe your issue or share your ideas' - backgroundColor: Background color for the default button. Default: '#3085d6' - color: Color for the default button text. Default: '#fff' - animation: Enable animations. Default: true - showDialog: Function that displays a sweetalert2 dialog. Returns a Promise that resolves to the input result. Use return btn.alert(...) to display the dialog. - getPayload: Function that receives btn (the
`MicroFeedbackButton` instance) and input result and returns
the request payload to send to the microfeedback backend.
- preSend: Function that receives btn (the
`MicroFeedbackButton` instance) and input result. This is called
before sending the request to the microfeedback backend. Useful for
displaying a "Thank you" message with `return btn.alert(...)`.
- optimistic: If true, display success message immediately after
user submits input (don't wait for request to finish). If `false`,
wait until request finishes to show message (use together with
    `onSuccess` to customize message). Default: `true`
- showSuccessDialog: Function that receives btn (the
`MicroFeedbackButton` instance) and input result and
displays a dialog using `return btn.alert(...)`.
- onSuccess: Function called when request succeeds. Receives btn (the
`MicroFeedbackButton` instance) and input result. By default,
calls `options.showSuccessDialog(btn, input)` if `optimistic` is
`false`, otherwise noop.
- onFailure: Function called when request fails. Receives btn (the
`MicroFeedbackButton` instance). Default: `noop`
Additionally, any valid sweetalert2 option may be passed to configure the input dialog.



Display a sweetalert2 dialog. This is equivalent to the swal function from sweetalert2.


  • npm install
  • To run tests: npm test
  • To run tests in watch mode: npm test -- --watch
  • To run the example: npm run dev


MIT Licensed.