Adaptive Card typescript/javascript library for Html Clients

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Adaptive Cards
Adaptive Cards are a new way for developers to exchange card content in a common and consistent way. adaptive-cards


Break outside the box of templated cards. Adaptive Cards let you describe your content as you see fit and deliver it beautifully wherever your customers are.

Open framework, multiple platforms

A simple open card format enables an ecosystem of shared tooling, seamless integration between producers and consumers, and native cross-platorm performance on any device.

Speech enabled from day one

We live in an exciting era where users can talk to their devices. Adaptive Cards embrace this new world and were designed from the ground up to support these new experiences.

Tap into a growing ecosystem of content

It's never been easier to safely integrate UI from a vast network of content producers. With our open-source cross-platform libraries you will have the freedom to create high-performing, great-looking experiences for your users.

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