Windows compatible cat shell command polyfill

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Windows compatible cat shell command polyfill with zero dependencies


Doing development on both OSX and Windows I want to have some basic tools to behave equally. Similar to rimraf, minicat replaces cat command and behaves in the same way as original UNIX cat.
To make sure it actually behaves the same way, there are some functional tests, comparing output for both.
Note: cat adds new-line automatically if there is no extra new line at the end of file (or files). This behaviour is reproduced by minicat too.

Installation and usage

  1. Global usage

npm install -g minicat

Then whenever you need it:
minicat package.json
minicat file1.txt file2.txt

# or with mcat shorthand
mcat package.json

  1. Local usage

npm install --save-dev minicat

Use in npm scripts (works in Windows too):
  "scripts": {
    "coveralls": "minicat coverage/ | coveralls"