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mirador-dl-plugin is a Mirador 3 plugin that adds manifest-provided download links (e.g. rendering) to the window options menu. A live demo with several institutions' manifests is available for testing.
download option in menu


mirador-dl-plugin requires an instance of Mirador 3. See the Mirador wiki for examples of embedding Mirador within an application and additional information about plugins. See the live demo's index.js for an example of importing and configuring mirador-dl-plugin.


Configurations for this plugin are injected when Mirador is initialized under the miradorDownloadPlugin key.
  id: 'mirador',
  miradorDownloadPlugin: {

| Config Key | Type | Description | | --- | --- | --- | | restrictDownloadOnSizeDefinition | boolean (default: false) | If set to true the Zoomed region link will not be rendered if the image API returns a single size in the sizes section and the single size height/width is the same size or smaller than the reported height/width. |


Mirador's development, design, and maintenance is driven by community needs and ongoing feedback and discussion. Join us at our regularly scheduled community calls, on IIIF slack #mirador, or the mirador-tech and iiif-discuss mailing lists. To suggest features, report bugs, and clarify usage, please submit a GitHub issue.