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This is a custom reporter for use with the Javascript testing framework, mocha. It generates a HTML/CSS report that helps visualize your test suites.

Sample Report

Sample Report


$ npm install --save-dev mocha-simple-html-reporter


Tell mocha to use this reporter:
$ mocha testfile.js --reporter mocha-simple-html-reporter --reporter-options output=report.html

By default, it will output to the console. To write directly to a file, use --reporter-options output=filename.html.



Why not use original HTML reporter?

The HTML reporter is currently the only browser reporter supported by Mocha.

It means that original HTML reporter not building HTML report. It run tests in browser.

Why not use mocha-html-reporter package?

The mocha-html-reporter package has the following problems:
  • It not able report about failures only. If your project has many tests, it is difficult to find the error among thousands of passed tests.
  • It able to return HTML-report only in console. There is no way to write to a file if your tests writing something to stdout.
  • It requires concatenating result with head.html and tail.html to build report with styles and scripts.
  • You can't move file with HTML report: styles link to CSS-file in node_modules.
  • It does not show execution time for slow tests.
  • It requires jQuery.

Why not use mochawesome package?

The mochawesome package feels very comfortable, but html page will be quite slow for lots of tests.
Besides the interface is different from the original. For some, it may be important.


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