Snapshot testing for Mocha users

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Mocha Snapshots
Snapshot/regression testing for using with Mocha, specially for React+Enzyme users.

Install it

npm i mocha-snapshots --save

Use it

```es6 import { expect } from 'chai'; import { shallow } from 'enzyme'; import MyComponent from './path/to/MyComponent'; describe('', () => { it('should match snapshot', () => {
const wrapper = shallow(<MyComponent />)
// You can match Enzyme wrappers
// Strings
expect('you can match strings').to.matchSnapshot();
// Numbers
// Or any object
expect({ a: 1, b: { c: 1 } }).to.matchSnapshot();
}); }); ```

Run your tests

Add a require argument to your test script/command mocha --require mocha-snapshots

Disable classNames cleanup

To prevent false mismatches, mocha-snapshots sanitizes className props by default. You can disable this behavior before running your tests: ```js import mochaSnapshots from 'mocha-snapshots'; mochaSnapshots.setup({ sanitizeClassNames: false }) ```

Update snapshots

Set an environment variable UPDATE and run your test script or add the flag --update when running Mocha: ``` UPDATE=1 mocha --require mocha-snapshots ``` or ``` mocha --require mocha-snapshots --update ```