suite-level wrapper for mocha's describe

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Define suite-level utilities and test structure for mocha tests
Save yourself the hassle of manually constucting suite definitions. Bundle common logic (such as setting up sandboxes) and minimize the number of require() statements in your test files.


// _suite.js

const suite = require('mocha-suite');
const sinon = require('sinon');
const chai = require('chai');

module.exports = suite((tests, options) => {
  const sandbox = sinon.sandbox.create();

  afterEach(() => sandbox.restore());

    spy: sandbox.spy,
    stub: sandbox.stub,
    expect: chai.expect

// app.spec.js

const suite = require('./_suite');
const MyApp = require('../src/app');

suite('MyApp', ({ expect, spy }) => {

  describe('someFunc()', () => {
    it('should call spy', () => {
      const bootstrap = spy();

      const app = new MyApp(bootstrap);



suite(suiteDefinition, [describe])
Returns a renderedSuite function.
  • suiteDefinition: A function which accepts a test function which must be
called in the suite definition in order to run your tests.
  • describe: An override for describe(). Optional

renderedSuite(description, [options], tests)
  • description: Text to distinguish this suite from others, will be passed
as the first parameter to `describe()`.
  • options: Any type of object or value representing options which will be
passed as the second parameter to the provided suite definition. *Optional*
  • tests: A function that runs all of your suite's describe()s and it()s
when called.
The returned renderedSuite has the properties only and skip which allows it to operate like mocha's describe():
// isolated.spec.js

const suite = require('./_suite');

suite.only('Isolated', ({ expect, spy }) => {
  /* tests will be run exclusively */

// skipped.spec.js

const suite = require('./_suite');

suite.skip('Skipped', ({ expect, spy }) => {
  /* tests will be skipped */