A mocha TAP reporter that works perfectly with Jenkins TAP plugin.

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Mocha Tap Reporter ====================== This reporter generate TAP format report that works perfectly with Jenkins TAP plugin. Usage ------- ``` npm install mocha-tap-reporter mocha --reporter mocha-tap-reporter ``` Example Output ------------- ``` 1..3 ok 1 this is test1 not ok 2 this is test2
AssertionError: 1 == 2
at Context. (/Volumes/Data/workspace/tests/test2.js:10:10)
at (/Volumes/Data/workspace/tests/nodemodules/mocha/lib/runnable.js:196:15)
at Runner.runTest (/Volumes/Data/workspace/tests/nodemodules/mocha/lib/runner.js:373:10)
ok 3 this is test3 # SKIP
tests 3
pass 1
fail 1
skip 1
``` Jenkins TAP Plugin ------------- If you use Jenkins TAP plugin together, make sure the following option is enabled in your Jenkins jobs: ```
Post-build Actions -> Publish TAP Results -> Include comment diagnostics (#) in the results table
``` Then you will find error stacktrace are avaiable in "TAP Extended Test Result".