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This is a fork of mochawesome-screenshots reporter with fixes and added functionality for Protractor.
Installation of the module:
$ npm install mochawesome-extended --save-dev

Usage remains the same as the Mocahwesome.
In your Protractor configuration file:
framework: 'mocha',

mochaOpts: {
    reporter: 'mochawesome-extended',
    reporterOptions: {
        reportDir: 'customReportDir',
        reportName: 'customReportName',
        reportTitle: 'customReportTitle',
        reportPageTitle: 'customReportPageTitle',
        takePassedScreenshot: false,
        clearOldScreenshots: true,
        shortScrFileNames: false,
        jsonReport: false,
        multiReport: false,
        runPercantage: true
    timeout: 600000

Use 'runPercantage = true' to calculate percentage from executed tests (i.e avoid skipped cases in calculation)
Use 'multiReport = true' for parallel test execution (adding timestamp in report file name), or change report name in tests or hooks for shardTestFiles option:
const logReport = require('mochawesome-extended/logReport');
it('Change report name', function() {
    logReport.setReportName(this, 'customReportName');
Log data to report:
const logReport = require('mochawesome-extended/logReport');

it('Log build number', function() {
    logReport.log(this, 'build number:' + buildNumber);
Add custom screenshots from mochawesome-reports/screenshots folder to report:
it('Custom screenshot', function() {
    save screenshot 1 to ('./mochawesome-reports/screenshots/'+imageFileName1);
    save screenshot 2 to ('./mochawesome-reports/screenshots/'+imageFileName2);
    logReport.setScreenshot(this, imageFileName1, 'message1');
    logReport.setScreenshot(this, imageFileName2, 'message2');