Create a modified babel preset based on an an existing preset.

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Create a modified babel preset based on an an existing preset.
Works best with npm 3.

npm i -S modify-babel-preset

- [Add/Update Plugins](#addupdate-plugins)
- [Remove Plugins](#remove-plugins)



A single function that takes an existing preset name and a mapping of plugin modifications to apply to that preset. Make sure you have the preset and any added plugins installed as dependencies.
newPreset = modifyBabelPreset(
		'plugin-name': false,  // remove
		'other-plugin': true,  // add
		'foo': { loose:true }  // add + config

Modification keys are babel plugin names (you can exclude the babel-plugin- prefix).

Add/Update Plugins

To add a plugin, pass true, or a configuration object:
	// just add a plugin without config:
	'plugin-name': true,

	// add a plugin and set its config
	'other-plugin': { loose:true }

Note: adding a plugin that is already provided by the preset just overwrites its configuration.

Remove Plugins

To remove a plugin, pass false:
	'plugin-name': false


Here's a simple preset. Just this index.js and a package.json pointing to it with the preset and plugin installed as dependencies.
var modifyBabelPreset = require('modify-babel-preset');

// just export the cloned, modified preset config:
module.exports = modifyBabelPreset('es2015', {

	// remove the typeof x==='symbol' transform:
	'transform-es2015-typeof-symbol': false,

	// add the JSX transform:
	'transform-react-jsx': true