Resolve aliased dependency paths using a RequireJS config

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Resolve AMD dependency paths to an absolute path on the filesystem

This module takes in a partial and synchronously gives back its absolute path on the filesystem.
I built this for Dependents' jump to dependency feature that lets you click on a module name and open the relevant file.
npm install module-lookup-amd


const lookup = require('module-lookup-amd');

const realPath = lookup({
  partial: 'someModule',
  filename: 'file/containing/partial',
  directory: 'path/to/all/js/files', // optional
  config: 'path/to/my/requirejs/config', // optional
  fileSystem: {} // optional

  • partial: the dependency that you want to lookup
  • filename: the path of the file that contains the dependency (i.e., parent module)
  • directory: Used to resolve files if you're not using a requirejs config
  • config: the path to your RequireJS configuration file
As an optimization, you can provide a pre-parsed config object (the contents of the RequireJS config in object form) as config. You are then required to provide a directory argument which is assumed to be the location where your config would have been.
  • fileSystem: An alternative fs implementation to use for filesystem interactions. Defaults to Node.js's fs implementation if not supplied.


Assumes a global -g installation
lookup-amd -c path/to/my/config.js -f path/to/file/containing/dependency -d path/containing/all/files my/dependency/name