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This is a Moment.js plugin that allows you to work with only business days (Monday to Friday). You can customize the working week


````javascript // NodeJS: require instead of standard moment package const moment = require('moment-business-days'); // You'll be able use Moment.js as you normally do ```` ````html ````

Use localization to configure business days

````javascript const moment = require('moment-business-days'); moment.updateLocale('us', {
workingWeekdays: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]
}); // Defines days from 1 (Monday) to 6 (Saturday) as business days. // When omitting this configuration parameter, business days are based on locale default ````


.isBusinessDay() => boolean

Check if the date is a business day and return true or false: ```javascript // 2018-09-17 is Monday moment('2018-09-20', 'DD-MM-YYYY').isBusinessDay() // true // 2018-09-20 is Sunday moment('2018-09-20', 'DD-MM-YYYY').isBusinessDay() // false ```

.businessDiff() => number

Calculate the number of business days between dates. ```javascript const diff = moment('2018-09-12').businessDiff(moment('2018-09-19')); // diff = 5 ```

.countBusinessDaysInDaysFromDate() => number

Calculate the number of business days in next given days ```javascript const count = moment('2018-09-12').countBusinessDaysInDaysFromDate(7); // count = 5 ```