Wire monaco-textmate with monaco-editor

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Wire monaco-textmate with monaco-editor
Note: The latest version of this library requires monaco-editor version 0.21.2 and up. If you wish to use an older version of monaco-editor 0.19.x or below, you should use an older version 2.2.2 of this library.


npm i monaco-editor-textmate

Please install peer dependencies if you haven't already
npm i monaco-textmate monaco-editor onigasm


import { loadWASM } from 'onigasm' // peer dependency of 'monaco-textmate'
import { Registry } from 'monaco-textmate' // peer dependency
import { wireTmGrammars } from 'monaco-editor-textmate'

export async function liftOff() {
    await loadWASM(`path/to/onigasm.wasm`) // See

    const registry = new Registry({
        getGrammarDefinition: async (scopeName) => {
            return {
                format: 'json',
                content: await (await fetch(`static/grammars/css.tmGrammar.json`)).text()

    // map of monaco "language id's" to TextMate scopeNames
    const grammars = new Map()
    grammars.set('css', 'source.css')
    grammars.set('html', 'text.html.basic')
    grammars.set('typescript', 'source.ts')

    // monaco's built-in themes aren't powereful enough to handle TM tokens
    monaco.editor.defineTheme('vs-code-theme-converted', {
        // ... use `monaco-vscode-textmate-theme-converter` to convert vs code theme and pass the parsed object here
    var editor = monaco.editor.create(document.getElementById('container'), {
        value: [
            'html, body {',
            '    margin: 0;',
        language: 'css', // this won't work out of the box, see below for more info,
        theme: 'vs-code-theme-converted' // very important, see comment above
    await wireTmGrammars(monaco, registry, grammars, editor)


Version Issue!
The latest version of this package requires monaco-editor version 0.21.1 and up. Version 2.2.2 was the last version to support monaco-editor version 0.19.x or below.
monaco-editor distribution comes with built-in tokenization support for few languages. Because of this monaco-editor-textmate cannot be used with monaco-editor without some modification, see explanation of this problem here.


To get monaco-editor-textmate working with monaco-editor, you're advised to use Webpack with monaco-editor-webpack-plugin which allows you to control which of "built-in" languages should monaco-editor use/bundle, leaving the rest. With that control you must exclude any/all languages for which you'd like to use TextMate grammars based tokenization instead.