Mongoose.js add-on that adds virtual (temporary) async fileds API

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mongoose-fill is mongoose.js add-on that adds simple api for virtual async fields.


This just gives you a simple and easy to use API for:
  • implementing db joins without keeping refs to related objects (with refs you can use populate)
  • joining mongoose object with any kind of data (with any async service - other db or web service)

api use cases - learn by example

basic use case fills single filed ```javascript // import of 'mongoose-fill' patches mongoose and returns mongoose object, so you can do: var mongoose = require('mongoose-fill') ... // note you should set virtual properties options // on you schema to get it mongoose-fill work var myParentSchema = new Schema({
}, { toObject: {
virtuals: true
}, toJSON: {
virtuals: true 
} } myParentSchema.fill('children', function(callback){
.select('name age')
}) ... Parent.findById(1).fill('children').exec().then(function(parent){
//parent.children <- will be array of children with fields name and age ordered by age
}) ``` filling property using single query for multiple objects ```javascript myParentSchema.fill('childrenCount').value(function(callback){
// `this` is current (found) instance
// multi is used for queries with multiple fields
}).multi(function(docs, ids, callback){     
// query childrenCount for all found parents with single db query
$group: {
_id: '$parent',
childrenCount: {$sum: 1}
{$match: {'_id': {$in: ids}}}
], callback)
}) ... // you can place property name that should be filled in select option Parent.find({}).select('name childrenCount').exec().then(function(parents){
//parent.childrenCount <- will contain count of children
}) ``` using fill options with default values ```javascript myParentSchema.fill('children', function(select, order, callback){
}).options('', '-age') ... // fill children with only name age properties ordered by age Parent.findById(1).fill('children', 'name age', 'age').exec().then(function(parent){
//parent.children <- will be array of children with fields name and age ordered by age
}) ``` Also check the code of test for more use cases

how does it work

  • adds fill method to mongoose schema object
  • adds fill and filled prototype methods to mongoose model
  • patches mongoose query exec method extending query api with fill method
  • implemented using mongoose virtual setters/getters (actual value is stored in __propName property)


npm install mongoose-fill

Run tests

npm test