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Generates an URL to download Mozilla products from.


The module exports a build() method to create the URL with. It takes three arguments:
  • A string identifying the product to download (one of the product release channel constants)
  • A string identifying the OS (one of the PLATFORMS constants)
  • A string identifying the language (usually in the form of xx-XX)

There are constants for good values for product and OS, however there are possible other supported values.


import * as mdu from "moz-download-url";

// Get the URL to download the latest English (US) Firefox release for a 64-bit
// Linux., mdu.PLATFORMS.LINUX64, "en-US");

Why another package for this?

Yes, there already are a plethora of packages out there to generate such links, like mozilla-get-url and others. However with the switch from FTP to AWS most of those solutions broke. You can't use FTP clients anymore and you can't use the latest folders anymore. So if you don't want to do a lot of HTML parsing you have to use the bouncer at Which is exactly what this package does. However is very shallow in comparison to a file system. There are only three relevant parameters. This package only handles those three parameters. More "high level" packages like mozilla-get-url take more arguments and support more products and builds. So this is just a really low-level way of making URLs to download Firefox or Thunderbird with.
I hope the other modules will eventually catch up and hopefully even use this module as a base for the links.


This package is licensed under the MPL v2.0.