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Unofficial package for the SignalR JS Client

This is a package for Microsoft's ASP.NET SignalR JavaScript Library. Current packaged version is v2.2.2-pre.


Include the library in your page using one of the following methods:

ES6 Loader

``` import $ from 'jquery'; import 'ms-signalr-client'; ```

require JS

``` require('jquery'); require('ms-signalr-client'); ```


``` ``` Set up a connection to a signalR host, and Hub. Make sure you update the address, port, and hubname values to suit your environment. ``` var connection = $.hubConnection('http://address:port'); var proxy = connection.createHubProxy('hubname'); // receives broadcast messages from a hub function, called "broadcastMessage" proxy.on('broadcastMessage', function(message) {
}); // atempt connection, and handle errors connection.start({ jsonp: true }) .done(function(){ console.log('Now connected, connection ID=' +; }) .fail(function(){ console.log('Could not connect'); }); } ```


To run tests, run the following command: ``` $ npm run test ``` Tests will be run using:
  • PhantomJS (headless browser)
  • Mocha (test runner)
  • Chai (assertion library)

Version numbering

The build number is a little ahead of the offical jquery.signalr repo. This is due to fixes to this package requiring a package version bump.


If you have problems with this package, log them on the bug tracker. If you have issues with the jquery.signalr library, go to the SignalR bug tracker.

Licence Information

As per the following:
  • All client code is Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
I make no claims on this code, but I have kindly packaged it up for you. :)