packaged version of the Microsoft Javascript SignalR client with slight modifications for jquery 3.x support

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Unofficial package for the SignalR JS Client with jquery 3.x support

This is a package for Microsoft's ASP.NET SignalR JavaScript Library with slight modifications to support jquery 3.x (a fork of Current base signalR client version is v2.2.2-pre.


``` npm install --save ms-signalr-client-jquery-3 ``` Include the library in your page using one of the following methods:

ES6 Loader

``` import $ from 'jquery'; import 'ms-signalr-client-jquery-3'; ```

require JS

``` require('jquery'); require('ms-signalr-client-jquery-3'); ```


``` ``` Set up a connection to a signalR host, and Hub. Make sure you update the address, port, and hubname values to suit your environment. ``` var connection = $.hubConnection('http://address:port'); var proxy = connection.createHubProxy('hubname'); // receives broadcast messages from a hub function, called "broadcastMessage" proxy.on('broadcastMessage', function(message) {
}); // atempt connection, and handle errors connection.start({ jsonp: true }) .done(function(){ console.log('Now connected, connection ID=' +; }) .fail(function(){ console.log('Could not connect'); }); } ```


To run tests, run the following command: ``` $ npm run test ``` Tests will be run using:
  • PhantomJS (headless browser)
  • Mocha (test runner)
  • Chai (assertion library)

Version numbering

The build number is a little ahead of the offical jquery.signalr repo. This is due to fixes to this package requiring a package version bump.

Licence Information

As per the following:
  • All client code is Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
I make no claims on this code