A tiny library to create Microsoft Office Excel(2007) files under Nodejs.

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A simple and fast library to create MS Office Excel(>2007) xlsx files(Compatible with the OpenOffice document format).
  • Support workbook and multi-worksheets.
  • Custom column width and row height, cell range merge.
  • Custom cell fill styles(such as background color).
  • Custom cell border styles(such as thin,medium).
  • Custom cell font styles(such as font-family,bold).
  • Custom cell border styles and merge cells.
  • Text rotation in cells.

Getting Started

Install it in node.js:
npm install msexcel-builder

var excelbuilder = require('msexcel-builder');

Then create a sample workbook with one sheet and some data.
// Create a new workbook file in current working-path
var workbook = excelbuilder.createWorkbook('./', 'sample.xlsx')

// Create a new worksheet with 10 columns and 12 rows
var sheet1 = workbook.createSheet('sheet1', 10, 12);

// Fill some data
sheet1.set(1, 1, 'I am title');
for (var i = 2; i < 5; i++)
  sheet1.set(i, 1, 'test'+i);

// Save it{
  if (err)
    throw err;
    console.log('congratulations, your workbook created');

or return a JSZip object that can be used to stream the contents (and even save it to disk):
workbook.generate(function(err, jszip) {
  if (err)
    throw err;
  else {
    jszip.generateAsync({type: "nodebuffer"}).then(function(buffer) {
      require('fs').writeFile(workbook.fpath + '/' + workbook.fname, buffer, function (err) {


createWorkbook(savepath, filename)

Create a new workbook file.
  • save_path - (String) The path to save workbook.
  • file_name - (String) The file name of workbook.

Returns a Workbook Object.
Example: create a xlsx file saved to C:\test.xlsx
var workbook = excelbuilder.createWorkbook('C:\','test.xlsx');


Create a new worksheet with specified columns and rows
  • sheet_name - (String) worksheet name.
  • column_count - (Number) sheet column count.
  • row_count - (Number) sheet row count.

Returns a Sheet object
Notes: The sheet name must be unique within a same workbook. No error checking or collision-resolution mechanisms are currently applied.
Also the sheet name is cleaned, replacing disallowed characters []\/*:? with a dash -
Example: Create a new sheet named 'sheet1' with 5 columns and 8 rows
var sheet1 = workbook.createSheet('sheet1', 5, 8);

Save current workbook.
  • callback - (Function) Callback function to handle save result.

  console.log('workbook saved ' + (err?'failed':'ok'));


Cancel to make current workbook,drop all data.

Sheet.set(col, row, val)

Set the cell data.
  • col - (Number) Cell column index(start with 1).
  • row - (Number) Cell row index(start with 1).
  • val - (String) Cell data. May be a string or number.

No returns.
sheet1.set(1,1,'Hello ');

Date values are recognized. If val is an instance of Date then the data is converted to an Excel value (e.g. new Date('2016-06-23') becomes 42544) and a date format is applied in Excel.
hack For some reason, the generated workbook only applies Date formats when the fill is also set. So when a date value is set, the default format is filled with a white background. You can override that with an explicit call to fill:
sheet1.set(1, 4, new Date('04/01/2009'))

sheet1.set(1, 5, {
  set: new Date('04/01/2009'),
  fill: { type: "solid", fgColor: "FFAA000"},
} )

Sheet.set(col, row, obj)

You can also set objects as shorthand. If the properties match a method then the method will be called with that argument, e.g.
sheet1.set(1, 1, {
     set: 'Red bold centered  with border',
     font: {
       name: 'Verdana',
       sz: 32,
       color: "FF0022FF",
       bold: true,
       iter: true
     align: 'center',
     fill: {
       type: 'solid',
       fgColor: 'FFFF2200'

Sheet.width(col, width)

Sheet.height(row, height)

Set the column width or row height
sheet1.width(1, 30);
sheet1.height(1, 20);

Sheet.align(col, row, align)

Sheet.valign(col, row, valign)

Sheet.wrap(col, row, wrap)

Sheet.rotate(col, row, angle)

Set cell text align style and wrap style
  • align - (String) align style: 'center'/'left'/'right'
  • valign - (String) vertical align style: 'center'/'top'/'bottom'
  • wrap - (String) text wrap style:'true' / 'false'
  • rotate - (String) Numeric angle for text rotation: '90'/'-90'

sheet1.align(2, 1, 'center');
sheet1.valign(3, 3, 'top');
sheet1.wrap(1, 1, 'true');
sheet1.rotate(1, 1, 90);

Sheet.font(col, row, fontstyle)

Sheet.fill(col, row, fillstyle)

Sheet.border(col, row, borderstyle)

Set cell font style, fill style or border style
  • font_style - (Object) font style options
The options may contain:
name - (String) font name sz - (String) font size family - (String) font family scheme - (String) font scheme bold - (String) if bold: 'true'/'false' iter - (String) if italic: 'true'/'false' color - (String) font color as HEX RGB or ARGB value (e.g. "2266AA" or "FF2266AA"`)
  • fill_style - (Object) fill style options
The options may contain:
type - (String) fill type: such as 'solid' fgColor - (String) front color, as HEX RGB or ARGB value (e.g. "2266AA" or "FF2266AA"`) bgColor - (String) background color
  • border_style - (Object) border style options
The options may contain:
left - (String) style: 'thin'/'medium'/'thick'/'double' top - (String) style: 'thin'/'medium'/'thick'/'double' right - (String) style: 'thin'/'medium'/'thick'/'double' bottom - (String) style: 'thin'/'medium'/'thick'/'double'
sheet1.font(2, 1, {name:'黑体',sz:'24',family:'3',scheme:'-',bold:'true',iter:'true', color: 'FFAA00'});
sheet1.fill(3, 3, {type:'solid',fgColor:'2266aa',bgColor:'64'});
sheet1.border(1, 1, {left:'medium',top:'medium',right:'thin',bottom:'medium'});

Sheet.numberFormat(col, row, numfmt)

Specify a number format by string or index. Currently only Excel's built-in number formats are handled.
sheet1.numberFormat(2,2, '0.00%');
sheet1.numberFormat(2,2, 10); // equivalent to above

0: 'General',
1: '0',
2: '0.00',
3: '#,##0',
4: '#,##0.00',
9: '0%',
10: '0.00%',
11: '0.00E+00',
12: '# ?/?',
13: '# ??/??',
14: 'm/d/yy',
15: 'd-mmm-yy',
16: 'd-mmm',
17: 'mmm-yy',
18: 'h:mm AM/PM',
19: 'h:mm:ss AM/PM',
20: 'h:mm',
21: 'h:mm:ss',
22: 'm/d/yy h:mm',
37: '#,##0 ;(#,##0)',
38: '#,##0 ;[Red](#,##0)',
39: '#,##0.00;(#,##0.00)',
40: '#,##0.00;[Red](#,##0.00)',
45: 'mm:ss',
46: '[h]:mm:ss',
47: 'mmss.0',
48: '##0.0E+0',
49: '@',
56: '"上午/下午 "hh"時"mm"分"ss"秒 "'

Sheet.merge(fromcell, tocell)

Merge some cell ranges
  • from_cell / to_cell - (Object) cell position
The cell object contains:
col - (Number) cell column index(start with 1) row - (Number) cell row index(start with 1)
Example: Merge the first row as title from (1,1) to (5,1)


The argument may be a range (e.g. "$A1:$J12") or true in which case the entire sheet domain is used as the range.


There is a nascent Mocha test suite.
> npm test

A number of these tests currently writes output files and test for exact matches against a reference file located in test/files/.
It's possible that a future feature extension might break tests for innocent reasons (e.g. by writing additional XML to the workbook) in which case, visually inspect the output file and update the reference file.

Release notes

  • Port to JSZip 3.1.2 (from 2.5), a breaking change which makes all JSZip methods asynchronous,

  • Write numbers as numbers
  • Write fill and font colors using hex ranges (ported from and applied into coffeescript)
  • Apply autofilters
  • Add mocha testing

  • Generate JSZip object, dropping need to generate temporary files on disk.
  • Removed dependency on fs-extra and exec and easy-zip.
  • Added dependency on js-zip.
  • Removed method save and replaced it with generate(callback) that returns a JSZip object.
  • This now theoretically should be able to run in the browser, though that is not tested.
  • Also refactored base Excel files so they are read from code rather than from disk.

  • Switch compress work to easy-zip to support Heroku deployment.

v0.0.1: Includes
  • First release.
  • Using 7z.exe to do compress work, so only support windows now.