A msgpack encoder and decoder using ArrayBuffer and DataView

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msgpack for the browser
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A handwritten msgpack encoder and decoder for Browsers
This is a browser port of
The original format can be found at


I've extended the format a little to allow for encoding and decoding of undefined and ArrayBuffer instances.
This required three new type codes that were previously marked as "reserved". This change means that using these new types will render your serialized data incompatible with other messagepack implementations that don't have the same extension.
There are two new types for storing browser ArrayBuffer instances. These work just like "raw 16" and "raw 32" except they are binary buffers instead of strings.
buffer 16  11011000  0xd8
buffer 32  11011001  0xd9
Also I've added a type for undefined that works just like the null type.
undefined  11000100  0xc4


require(['msgpack'], function (msgpack) {

  var initial = {Hello: "World"};
  var encoded = msgpack.encode(initial);
  var decoded = msgpack.decode(encoded);