Super light-weight --argument value parser, with --bool key support

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A small module to do simple argument parsing.
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When you do this on the command line...:
$ node myscript.js --arg1 value1 --bool1 --arg2 value2 --BOOL2

Then you can do this in myscript.js...:
var args = require('nano-argv');
var CLI_ARGS = args({
	arg2: 'willBeOverridden',
	arg3: 'aDefaultValue',
	bool3: true


Will log:
	arg1: 'value1',
	arg2: 'value2',
	arg3: 'aDefaultValue',
	bool1: true,
	bool2: true,
	bool3: true

That is...:
- All --keys on the CLI will be lowercased when output in the arguments hash by the module. - Any pairing --key value will set the value of key key to value value in the hash returned from the function - Any --key1 --key2 value sequence, that is, where --key1 has another --key2 flag immediately to the right, will make --key1 a boolean argument flag set to true - Any --lastkey with no value to the right, and no other key (it is the last piece of the command) will also be treated as a boolean argument with the flag set to true - If you pass an object into the function in the JS, those will be used as the defaults for the output object of the function. - If you do not pass anything, defaults is simply set to {} and no keys will have defaults. - The defaults argument you use in the JS can only handle plain JSON objects, that is, no function values will work, prototype keys will not be inherited, and so on and so forth.

License: MIT


Andrew Templeton