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Guarantees you will not get any obscene words or other profanity in your ids generated by Nano ID.
This is a drop-in replacement for Nano ID which means you can just change the name of imported package from nanoid to nanoid-good.

How it works

It checks every generated ID through a vocabulary of obscene words. If any match is found, then ID is generated again and again until it gets clean ID which is returned.
It finds bad words with mixed registry and words which are hidden in between other letters.
For example:
This one will be considered a bad word because of poRn hidden near the end.


npm install nanoid-good


var en = require("nanoid-good/locale/en"); // you should add locale of your preferred language
var nanoid = require("nanoid-good").nanoid(en);
var id = nanoid(); //=> "V1StGXR8_Z5jdHi6B~myT"

You can also use several locales:
var en = require("nanoid-good/locale/en");
var ru = require("nanoid-good/locale/ru");
var nanoid = require("nanoid-good").nanoid(en, ru);

All additional functions of Nano ID are supported too:
var en = require("nanoid-good/locale/en");
var customRandom = require("nanoid-good").customRandom(en);
var customAlphabet = require("nanoid-good").customAlphabet(en);
var nonSecure = require("nanoid-good/non-secure").nanoid(en);

var generator1 = customRandom("abcdef", 5, randomFunc);
var id1 = generator1();

var generator2 = customAlphabet("1234567abcdef", 10);
var id2 = generator2();

var id3 = nonSecure();


You can use async versions of nanoid functions the same way as you use them in nanoid, i.e. by inserting async in the path import.
var en = require("nanoid-good/locale/en");
var nanoid = require("nanoid-good/async").nanoid(en);
var customAlphabet = require("nanoid-good/async").customAlphabet(en);

async function generateIds() {
  var id1 = await nanoid();
  var id2 = await customAlphabet("1234567abcdef", 10)();