The PR Review Bot that doesn't make friends.

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The no-fuss, configurable, and honest PR review bot.

Natali can be used in your CI environment to enforce certain rules with how Pull Requests are submitted.
Think of Natali as an objective first set of eyes over a Pull Request.


To use Natali, install the package in your projects package.json:
npm i -D natali

Add a natali.yaml configuration file at the root of your project (this can be configured, see ###).
Copy paste in this bare-bones configuration file:
      max: 1

This configuration file, will tell Natali, that you expect natali to run the rule commitLimit, which will limit the number of commits that can be in any one pull request. By default, this will compare the currently checked out branch with the master branch in the same repository to see by how many commits it differs. See commitLimit in the Rules section for more information.
Run the natali cli tool in the root of your project (this can be done locally or in a CI environment).
npx natali




Limit the number of commits that can be in any one pull request.
max : number (default = 1)
The maximum number of commits that the pull request can differ from branch.
branch : string (default = 'master')
The name of the branch to compare the pull request with when figuring out how many commits difference there are.

Template Values

maxCommits : number
The maximum number of commits configured.
numberOfCommits : number
The number of commits that were found to be a part of the pull request.
commits : Array<string>
An array of commit messages in the format <hash> - <message>.

Comment Templates

Natali can generate comments that will be posted against the pull request on bitbucket cloud. All rules support providing a template option in the configuration that points to a handlebars template relative to the location of the config.yaml file. This template will be hydrated and the result posted to the pull request as a comment.
A sample template file configuration for commitLimit might look like:
# natali.yaml

    template: ./templates/
      max: 1
      branch: develop

<!-- templates/ ->

### Only {{maxCommits}} commit(s) per pull request

There should be a maximum of {{maxCommits}} commit(s) in your pull request
but there were {{numberOfCommits}}.


{{index}}. {{commit}}


# natali <path-to-config-yaml>, default path is "./natali.yaml" if none
# provided.
natali natali/config.yaml