Angular 6+ masonry grid component with CSS3 animations on scroll.

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Angular 6+ masonry grid component with CSS animations on scroll. npm version Dependency Status Demo:


First install Peer dependencies ```bash $ npm install masonry-layout imagesloaded --save ``` To install ng-masonry-grid library, run: ```bash $ npm install ng-masonry-grid --save ```

Consuming NgMasonryGridModule

You can import NgMasonryGridModule Module in any Angular application AppModule as shown below: ```typescript import { BrowserModule } from '@angular/platform-browser'; import { NgModule } from '@angular/core'; import { AppComponent } from './app.component'; // Import NgMasonryGridModule import { NgMasonryGridModule } from 'ng-masonry-grid'; @NgModule({ declarations:
, imports:
// Specify NgMasonryGrid library as an import
, providers: , bootstrap: AppComponent }) export class AppModule { } ```

Example usage

Once NgMasonryGridModule Module is imported, you can use its components and directives in your Angular application: ```typescript // In your Angular Component @Component({ selector: 'app-root', template: `
<!-- You can now use ng-masonry-grid component in app.component.html -->
<!-- Masonry grid Container -->
[masonryOptions]="{ transitionDuration: '0.8s', gutter: 5 }" 
[scrollAnimationOptions]="{ animationEffect: 'effect-4', minDuration : 0.4, maxDuration : 0.7 }">
<!-- Masonry Grid Item -->
<ng-masonry-grid-item id="{{'masonry-item-'+i}}" *ngFor="let item of masonryItems; let i = index;" (click)="removeItem($event)"> 
<!-- Grid Content  -->
<img src="some_image.jpg" alt="No image" />
`, styleUrls: 'Pathto/nodemodules/ng-masonry-grid/ng-masonry-grid.css' // point to ng-masonry-grid CSS file (required) }) ``` Note: 'id' on ng-masonry-grid-item is required for removeItem, removeAllItems functionality

Ng Masonry Grid Options

```typescript scrollAnimationOptions = { / animation effect class will added on ng-masonry-grid-item on scroll, you can choose animation effect class from the predefined list:
["effect-1","effect-2","effect-3","effect-4","effect-5","effect-6","effect-7","effect-8"] or else you can add your own custom class as you wish */
animationEffect: 'effect-1', // String: (default: 'effect-1') // Integer: Minimum and a maximum duration of the animation minDuration : 0, maxDuration : 0, // The viewportFactor defines how much of the appearing item has to be visible in order to trigger the animation // if we'd use a value of 0, this would mean that it would add the animation class as soon as the item is in the viewport. // If we were to use the value of 1, the animation would only be triggered when we see all of the item in the viewport (100% of it) viewportFactor : 0 } // or useAnimation = true; // true/false default: true, default animation options will be applied if you do not provide scrollAnimationOptions masonryOptions = {
addStatus: 'append', // default: 'append', values from: ['append', 'prepend', 'add'], set status of adding grid items to Masonry
transitionDuration: '0.4s', // Duration of the transition when items change position or appearance, set in a CSS time format. Default: transitionDuration: '0.4s'
// More masonry options available in (
} // Unloaded images can throw off Masonry layouts and cause item elements to overlap. imagesLoaded plugin resolves this issue. useImagesLoaded = "true"; // default: false, use true incase if of any images to be loaded in grid items ``` More masonry options available in Masonry options by David DeSandro

Masonry Events

layoutComplete: EventEmitter<any[]>

Triggered after a layout and all positioning transitions have completed.

removeComplete: EventEmitter<any[]>

Triggered after an ng-masonry-grid-item element has been removed.

onNgMasonryInit: EventEmitter<Masonry>

Get an instance of Masonry after intialization, so that you can use all Masonry Methods such as layout(), reloadItems() etc.


```html (onNgMasonryInit)="onNgMasonryInit($event)"
*ngFor="let item of masonryItems; let i = index;" 

Ng Masonry Grid Methods

```typescript import { Masonry, MasonryGridItem } from 'ng-masonry-grid'; // import necessary datatypes masonry: Masonry; masonryItems: any; // NgMasonryGrid Grid item list // Get ng masonry grid instance first onNgMasonryInit($event: Masonry) { this.masonry = $event; } // Append items to NgMasonryGrid appendItems() { if (this.masonry) { // Check if Masonry instance exists
this._masonry.setAddStatus('append'); // set status to 'append'
this.masonryItems.push(...items); // some grid items: items
} } // Prepend grid items to NgMasonryGrid prependItems() { if (this.masonry) {
// set status to 'prepend' before adding items to NgMasonryGrid otherwise default: 'append' will applied
this.masonryItems.splice(0, 0, ...items);
} } // Add items to NgMasonryGrid addItems() { if (this.
masonry) {
this._masonry.setAddStatus('add'); // set status to 'add'
} } // Remove selected item from NgMasonryGrid, For example, (click)="removeItem($event)" event binding on grid item // Note: 'id' on ng-masonry-grid is required to remove actual item from the list removeItem($event: any) { if (this.masonry) {
this._masonry.removeItem($event.currentTarget)  // removeItem() expects actual DOM (ng-masonry-grid-item element)
.subscribe((item: MasonryGridItem) => { // item: removed grid item DOM from NgMasonryGrid
if (item) {
let id = item.element.getAttribute('id'); // Get id attribute and then find index 
let index = id.split('-')[2];
// remove grid item from Masonry binding using index (because actual Masonry items order is different from this.masonryItems items) 
this.masonryItems.splice(index, 1); 
} } // Remove first item from NgMasonryGrid removeFirstItem() { if (this.
masonry) {
.subscribe( (item: MasonryGridItem) => {
if (item) {
let id = item.element.getAttribute('id');
let index = id.split('-')[2];
this.masonryItems.splice(index, 1);
} } // Remove all items from NgMasonryGrid removeAllItems() { if (this.masonry) {
.subscribe( (items: MasonryGridItem) => {
// remove all items from the list
this.masonryItems = [];
} } // reorder items to original position // Note: Add masonry option:- horizontalOrder: true reorderItems() { if (this.
masonry) {
} } ```


To generate all *.js, *.d.ts and *.metadata.json files: ```bash $ npm run build ``` To run demo... 1. From the ng-masonry-grid/dist directory, create a symlink in the global nodemodules directory to the dist directory of ng-masonry-grid: ```bash $ cd dist $ npm link ``` 2. Navigate to ng-masonry-grid/playground directory: ```bash $ cd playground $ npm link ng-masonry-grid ``` 3. Now run the demo (from ng-masonry-grid) directory: ```bash $ npm run demo ```


This ng-masonry-grid component is created based on Masonry Layout by David DeSandro


MIT © Shailendra Kumar