Angular directive to impose Angular Material based loading indicator on any content

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Angular directive to impose Angular Material based loading indicator on any content. The loading indicator may be an indeterminate Angular Material progress spinner or a progress bar.
npm version License: MIT Open Source Love
Compatible with Angular Material components such as input, select, etc. Uses Angular Material Theme colors. Well configurable. Works well in SSR mode.
alt text Also you can clone the repo and start the application locally to see ng-material-loading lib in action.
Install package
npm i ng-material-loading
Add import to your module
import { NgMaterialLoadingModule } from 'ng-material-loading';

  imports: [
  declarations: [],
  providers: []
Then in template:
<mat-form-field [ngMatLoading]="loading$ | async" ngMatLoadingType="progress">
  <input matInput/>
    <mat-card-title>Plane text</mat-card-title>

  <mat-card-content [ngMatLoading]="loading$ | async">
    <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...</p>


| Option | Type | Default | Description | | ----------------- | ------------------------------ | ------------------------------ | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | opacity | number | 0.3 | Content opacity when the loading indicator is imposed | | diameter | number | 40 | Spinner diameter in pixels | | color | 'primary' | 'warn' | 'accent' | 'primary' | Loading indicator color | | type | 'spinner' | 'progress' | 'spinner' | Time to close after a user hovers over toast | | attacheTo | string | null | Selector of HTML element to which the loadinf indicator should be attached |


You can configure default ng-material-loading options:
  opacity: 0.45,
  type: 'progress',

The configuration interface looks like this:
export interface NgMatLoadingConfig {
  opacity?: number; // Default content opacity when the loading indicator is imposed
  diameter?: number; // Default spinner diameter in pixels
  color?: 'primary' | 'warn' | 'accent'; // Default loading indicator color
  type?: 'spinner' | 'progress'; // Default loading indicator type
  attacheTo?: { [key: string]: string; } // host to target map (see below)
In ``attacheTo`` object you can list selector to which loading indicator should be attached for some commonly encountered host elements.
Contributig to ng-material-loading
You are more than welcome to improve this library or create issues on the GitHub issue tracker.