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angular-nestable 0.0.1 Bower version =================


check out the demo here


angular-nestable is a module for AngularJS that uses the jQuery nestable plugin to create multi-sortable lists with the ability to nest items within each other.


Either run bower install ng-nestable or download angular-nestable.js form the repository directly. Include the module in your app dependency: ```javascript angular.module('yourAppModule', 'ng-nestable'); ``` Note that this module requires jQuery and jQuery nestable plugin.


<!-- this element is the template for each menu item -->
<!-- the $item is available on scope and is the reference to the menu item object -->
``` Example items object structure: ```javascript
item: {}, // this object will be referenced as the $item on scope
children: []
item: {},
children: [
item: {},
children: []
item: {},
children: []
``` Each nestable element in the DOM gets it's own non-isolated scope just like with ng-repeat. Also the options object can be passed to the directive as the ng-nestable attribute. Those options will be passed to the jQuery nestable function when creating a nestable. === The module also exposes a $nestableProvider that can be injected into a config block. It provides two methods: $nestableProvider.modelName(str) - can be used to set the model name variable inside each nestable element. The default value of model name is $item. $nestableProvider.defaultOptions(obj) - can be used to set some default options for the nestable jquery plugin. Those options include the following: (extract from the jQuery nestable readme)
maxDepth        : number of levels an item can be nested (default 5)
group           : group ID to allow dragging between lists (default 0)
listNodeName    : The HTML element to create for lists (default 'ol')
itemNodeName    : The HTML element to create for list items (default 'li')
rootClass       : The class of the root element .nestable() was used on (default 'dd')
listClass       : The class of all list elements (default 'dd-list')
itemClass       : The class of all list item elements (default 'dd-item')
dragClass       : The class applied to the list element that is being dragged (default 'dd-dragel')
handleClass     : The class of the content element inside each list item (default 'dd-handle')
collapsedClass  : The class applied to lists that have been collapsed (default 'dd-collapsed')
placeClass      : The class of the placeholder element (default 'dd-placeholder')
emptyClass      : The class used for empty list placeholder elements (default 'dd-empty')
expandBtnHTML   : The HTML text used to generate a list item expand button (default '<button data-action="expand">Expand></button>')
collapseBtnHTML : The HTML text used to generate a list item collapse button (default '<button data-action="collapse">Collapse</button>')
=== Also note that the ng-sortable directive uses ngModelController to read and write to the provided model object and is fully compliant with $formatters and $parsers.