## What is _ngrx-data_?

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Angular ngrx-data

What is ngrx-data?

The ngrx-data library makes it easier to write an Angular application that manages entity data with ngrx in a "reactive" style, following the redux pattern.

Why use it?

Many applications have substantial "domain models" with 10s or 100s of entity types. Instances of these entity types are created, retrieved, updated, and deleted (CRUD).
If you've tried to manage your entity data with ngrx, you've discovered that you have to write a lot of code for each entity type. For each type, you've written actions, action-creators, reducers, effects, dispatchers, and selectors as well as the HTTP GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE methods. This is a ton of repetitive code to write, maintain, and test.
This library is one way to radically reduce the amount of "boilerplate" necessary to manage entities with ngrx.

How it works

See the repository README.

Problems or Suggestions

Open an issue here