A GUI typesetting display engine and cross platform GUI application development framework based on NodeJS/OpenGL

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Ngui Tools
A GUI typesetting display engine and cross platform GUI application development framework based on NodeJS/OpenGL
Goal: developing GUI applications on this basis can take into account both the simplicity and speed of developing WEB applications, as well as the performance and experience of Native applications.
  • Only iOS and Android systems are supported for the time being, this does not include AndroidTV, because TV applications are very different from mobile applications

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Simple Examples
This is a simple program to display Hello world on the screen
import { GUIApplication, Root } from 'ngui'
new GUIApplication().start(
	<Root>hello world!</Root>

You can get a more detailed Examples
Start Usage
If you've never used Ngui before, you can start from here and build your Ngui program step by step.

Install ngui-tools

First, you need to install the toolkit provided by Ngui
  • Install ngui-tools using nodejs npm

  • Open Terminal and execute the following command:

# shell
$ sudo npm install -g ngui-tools
  • Running ngui-tools requires dependency on nodejs and python2.7

  • And now do not support the windows system, you need to use it under mac

Create new project

Create a new Ngui project using the following shell command:
# shell
$ mkdir myproject
$ cd myproject
$ ngui init

Build project

This step compresses and packages the JavaScript code and resource files inside the project, If this is a new project, you can skip this step and go directly to the next step
# shell
$ ngui build

Export project

This step exports Xcode or Android Studio project,because you eventually publish the program that be a .apk or .ipa
# shell
# export xcode ios project
$ ngui export ios
# export android studio project
$ ngui export android

After exporting the project, next you can open it using Xcode and Android Studio

Ngui test http server

ngui-tools provides a test http server, each time you change the js or jsx code, you don't have to reinstall every time.
Execute the following code to start it:
# shell
$ ngui