Simple Angular table components with sorting, filtering...

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Simple table extension with sorting, filtering, paging... for Angular apps
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  1. A recommended way to install ngx-datatable is through npm package manager using the following command:

```bash npm i ngx-datatable --save ```
Alternatively, you can download it in a ZIP file.
  1. More information regarding using of ngx-table is located in
demo and demo sources.


Inputs (Properties)

  • page (number) - the default page after the table component loading
  • itemsPerPage (number) - number of the displaying items (rows) on a page
  • maxSize (number) - number of the displaying pages before ...
  • numPages (number) - total number of the pages
  • length (number) - total number of the items after filtering (of it's chosen)

  • config (?any) - config for setup all plugins (filtering, sorting, paging):
- paging (?boolean) - - switch on the paging plugin - sorting (?any) - switch on the sorting plugin
- `columns` (`Array<any>`) - only list of the columns for sorting
- filtering (?any) - switch on the filtering plugin
- `filterString` (`string`) - the default value for filter
- `columnName` (`string`) - the property name in raw data
- className (string|Array<string>) - additional CSS classes that should be added to a
  • rows (?Array<any>) - only list of the rows which should be displayed
  • columns (?Array<any>) - config for columns (+ sorting settings if it's needed)
- `title` (`string`) - the title of column header
- `name` (`string`) - the property name in data
- `sort` (`?string|boolean`) - config for columns (+ sorting settings if it's needed), sorting is switched on by default for each column
- `className` (`string|Array<string>`) - additional CSS classes that should be added to a column header
- `filtering` (`?any`) - switch on the filtering plugin
  - `filterString` (`string`) - the default value for filter
  - `columnName` (`string`) - the property name in raw data

Outputs (Events)

  • tableChanged: data change event handler
  • cellClicked: onclick event handler


The responsibility of the filtering issue falls on user. You should choose on which columns the filter would be applied. You could add any number of different filters. Filter string - it's a string for matching values in raw data. Column name refers to the property name in raw data. The rest logic you could organize by yourself (the order of filters, data formats, etc). Even you could use filter for list of data columns.
You can also set up filtering param for columns, in this case filter box will appear in first row of the table.


Data sorting could be in 3 modes: asc, desc and without sorting data (as it comes from backend or somewhere else). If you want to switch off the sorting for some of the columns then you should set it forcibly in columns config (set property sort to false value for each column you want)


Pagination could be used from ng2-bootstrap - pagination component. When the page is changed, the pagination component will emit event change-table with an object {page, itemsPerPage}. Then you can easily subscribe on it and request corresponding raw data.


Please follow this guidelines when reporting bugs and feature requests:
  1. Use GitHub Issues board to report bugs and feature requests (not our email address)
  2. Please always write steps to reproduce the error. That way we can focus on fixing the bug, not scratching our heads trying to reproduce it.

Thanks for understanding!


The MIT License