Generate Custom Angular6+ PWA icons

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PWA icons Automatic icon generator for Angular 6+ with PWA. Create an icon in the root folder of your Angular project and use ngx-pwa-icons to automatically resize and replace the original PWA icons.

Installing globally

Installation via npm:
  • On Windows
```bash $ npm install -g ngx-pwa-icons ```
  • On Mac
```bash $ sudo npm install -g ngx-pwa-icons ``` This will install ngx-pwa-icons globally so that it may be run from the command line.


Add PWA capabilities to an existing Angular 6+ app.
$ ng add @angular/pwa
Create an icon.png file in the root folder of your Angular project. Then run: ```bash $ ngx-pwa-icons ``` For good results, your icon.png file should be:
  • square
  • transparant background
  • at least 512512px

Available Options:

-h or --help Show help -v or --version Show package version number -d or --dry-run Run through without making any changes -i or --icon Original icon to convert (defaults to "./icon.png") -o or --output Output folder (defaults to "./src/assets/icons") -s or --size Resize icons to px (defaults to "512, 384, 192, 152, 144, 128, 96, 72") -n or --name Icon name. Replaces wildcard character with icons size (defaults to "icon-\*x\*.png") Eg: ngx-pwa-icons -s "100,200,300" -n "icon_*_*.png" generates icon100100.png, icon200200.png and icon300300.png,