OAuth 1.0a Request Authorization for Node and Browser.

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OAuth 1.0a Request Authorization for Node and Browser
Send OAuth request with your favorite HTTP client (request, jQuery.ajax...) or fetch)

Breaking change

  • v3.0.0
- Crypto library changed to node's crypto
  • v2.0.0
- A bug has been discovered in authorize. As it no longer mutate input,
the input string no longer get escaped correctly per OAuth spec.
To remedy this:
- If you build POST body yourself, use the `buildQueryString` method
  instead of `querystring.encode`.
- Otherwise, make sure that your parameters are encoded with
  `percentEncode` instead of `encodeURIComponent`. It is available at

Difference to oauth-1.0a

  • The code is broken down to multiple files and rewritten to a subset of ES6.
- When node and evergreen browsers starts shipping full ES6 support it is
expected that the code will change to full ES6.
  • Use libraries instead of shipping with some common algorithms.
  • Large parts of the API are made private
  • The public API should be compatible with some changes
- The constructor must be called with new. - authorize and its inner methods no longer mutate input. - getHeader with the same signature as authorize is added. toHeader is