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an implementation of a OPC UA stack fully written in javascript and nodejs
"NodeOPCUA by Example" ( provides a good starting point to understand and start using node-opcua.
More advanced interactive material & documentation is made available online for Registered members of the NodeOPCUA Subscription. Please visit to apply or contact Sterfive.

Sponsors & Backers

We appreciate that, once you have evaluated the software you consider supporting our effort by applying to our sponsor program:
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Grants ensure the following:
  • 🔨 Long term maintenance of the project
  • ⚙️ maintain the website and continuous integration platform
  • 🛣 Progress on the road-map
  • 🐛 Quick responses to bug reports
  • 🚀 New features & enhancements
  • ⚖️ representing the node-opcua user community at the OPC Foundation
Technical Support is exclusively provided to registered members of the NodeOPCUA Subscription ( or through dedicated Professional Services.
Node-OPCUA is made available to you under the MIT open source license.
See LICENSE for details.
value-added extensions
Contact Sterfive SAS ( for additional companion modules that are available to registered members:
- node-opcua-pub-sub : Part 14 implementation to develop OPC UA PubSub over MQTT applications - node-opcua-webproxy: to operate node-opcua from within a web browser - node-opcua-optimized-client: super-charge OPC UA Client - react-components: a collection of React UI components - aggregator: a powerful OPC UA aggregator that can combine and monitored hundred of servers and millions of variables. - node-opcua-gds: a Global Discovery Server (Part 12) - node-opcua-modeler-ex: a powerful NO-GUI OPC UA modeler
Copyright (c) 2022 Sterfive SAS
Copyright (c) 2014-2022 Etienne Rossignon