A parallel fork of node-pty providing prebuilt packages for Node.js and Electron

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This project is a parallel fork of node-pty providing prebuilt packages for certain Node.js and Electron versions.


Thanks to the excellent prebuild and prebuild-install modules, using this module is extremely easy. You merely have to change your node-pty dependency to node-pty-prebuilt and then change any require statements in your code from require('node-pty') to require('node-pty-prebuilt').
NOTE: We started shipping prebuilds as of node-pty version 0.7.3, no prior versions are provided! If you were using an earlier version of node-pty you will need to update your code to account for any API changes that may have occurred.

How It Works

We maintain a parallel fork of the node-pty codebase that will be updated as new releases are shipped. When we merge new updates to the code into the prebuild branch, new prebuilt packages for our supported Node.js and Electron versions are updated to the corresponding GitHub release.
When node-pty-prebuilt is installed as a package dependency, the install script checks to see if there's a prebuilt package on this repo for the OS, ABI version, and architecture of the current process and then downloads it, extracting it into the module path. If a corresponding prebuilt package is not found, node-gyp is invoked to build the package for the current platform.

Prebuilt Versions

We currently build packages for all versions of Node.js and Electron that are supported by the prebuild module. You can see the full list of versions by checking out the supportedTargets list in node-abi.


Copyright (c) 2012-2015, Christopher Jeffrey (MIT License). Copyright (c) 2016, Daniel Imms (MIT License). Copyright (c) 2018, David Wilson (MIT License).