Push data to Initial State within Node-RED

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This Node-RED node may be used for passing data points to Initial State for graphing and analysis.
The node pushes an event to an Initial State bucket.
Simply, msg.topic is passed as the data event key, while msg.payload is passed as the data event value if it is a string or number.
Alternatively, msg.payload may be an object containing at least value, and optionally key, and/or date to override the topic and the current timestamp.
Error handling is rudimentary at this time. The successful connection of the node to Initial State should be handled, but failed data event pushes are not detected.
Change directory to your node red installation:
npm install node-red-contrib-initialstate
or alternatively, use the Palette Manager in Node-RED.
Each node should be configured with a Bucket Key and an Access Key as supplied by Initial State during the setup procedure for a Bucket.
There is no shared configuration node at this time.