A Node-RED ui node to record audio or to recognize spoken text on a dashboard.

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A Node-RED UI widget node that allows audio to be recorded and allows speech recognition from the dashboard.


Either use the Editor - Menu - Manage Palette - Install option, or run the following command in your Node-RED user directory (typically ~/.node-red) after installing node-red-dashboard:
npm i node-red-node-ui-microphone


The node provides a single button that, when clicked, will begin to capture audio.
This node provides a single button widget in the dashboard that, when pressed, will begin to capture audio or speech recognition. The button can be configured in two modes for audio capture mode.
- Click begins to capture audio, and then continues to capture audio until the button is pressed again, or it reaches its configured maximum duration. - Or the button can be configured to record only while the button is pressed.
For audio capture mode, the audio is captured in WAV format and published by the node as a Buffer object. This can be written straight to a file or passed to any other node that expects audio data.

Browser Support

For audio capture mode, this node will work in most modern browsers as it uses the standard MediaRecorder API.
- IE : not supported - Safari : MediaRecorder needs to be enabled (Develop -> Experimental Features -> MediaRecorder)
For speech recognition mode, this node will work in more restricted browsers as it uses SpeechRecognition API.
- IE, Safari : not supported - Firefox : SpeechRecognition needs to be enabled (about:config -> media.webspeech.recognition.enable). - Chrome : Supported
If you are accessing the dashboard remotely (not via localhost), then you must use HTTPS otherwise the browser will block access to the microphone.


When the button is first pressed, the browser will ask the user's permission for the page to access the microphone. The node cannot record audio until the user has given their permission.


This node uses recorderWorker.js Copyright © 2013 Matt Diamond, under the MIT License


See examples under Node-RED editor menu of Import/Examples/node-red-node-ui-microphone.