Implementation of custom importer for node-sass

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Simple implementation of custom importer of SCSS files for node-sass. May be useful in a case if your SASS styles includes some third-party libraries and you don't want to hard link paths to them into your code.
Also it mimics compass-import-once functionaliy and avoid repetitive loading of SCSS files that are included multiple times into project.


Example usage in Gulp task
        importer: require('node-sass-importer')


Since importer signature is defined by node-sass itself - additional options are stored into ``importerOptions`` entry within node-sass options set. Importer tries to locate SCSS files by constructing their paths from given parts. They are:


Array of additional root paths to search for SCSS files in. Should be defined as relative paths against current directory, main Node process is running from.
Default: ``['']``


Array of additional path components within any of root paths to search SCSS files in. Can contain ``{url}` placeholder, it will be replaced with value of `url`` argument that is passed to importer.
Default: ``['', '{url}']``


Array of prefixes to set before SCSS file name. Normally is not need to be overridden.
Default: ``['_', '']``


Array of file extension to set after SCSS file name. Normally is not need to be overridden.
Default: ``['.scss', '/_index.scss']``

Importing of third-party libraries

Since v2.0 in a case if you're importing third-party library from node_modules - you can do it by use ~ as a prefix.
For example: @import "~bootstrap/scss/bootstrap".

Import of directory index files

Since v2.0 you can load some-dir/_index.scss by simply referencing directory itself: @import "some-dir"