Internationalize WordPress themes and plugins.

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Internationalize WordPress plugins and themes.

WordPress has a robust suite of tools to help internationalize plugins and themes. This plugin brings the power of those existing tools to Node.js in order to make it easy for you to automate the i18n process and make your projects more accessible to an international audience.
If you're not familiar with i18n concepts, read the Internationalization entries in the Plugin Developer Handbook or Theme Developer Handbook.
node-wp-i18n started as the core of the grunt-wp-i18n plugin, but has been extracted and rewritten to be more useful as a standalone module and with other tools.

Getting Started

node-wp-i18n includes a basic CLI tool to help generate POT file or add text domains to i18n functions in WordPress plugins or themes. Installing this module globally will allow you to access the wpi18n command:
npm install -g node-wp-i18n

Once installed, run this command from a plugin or theme to see the available options:
wpi18n -h

Running wpi18n info in a plugin or theme directory will show you information about that package.


  • PHP CLI must be in your system path.