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Fetches HTTP URL contents for nodemailer.
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var fetch = require('nodemailer-fetch');

The method takes the destination URL as the first and optional options object as the second argument.
The defaults are the following:
Default method is GET Basic auth is supported Up to 5 redirects are followed (Basic auth gets lost after first redirect) gzip is handled if present Cookies are supported No shared HTTP Agent Invalid SSL certs are allowed. Can be overwritten with the tls option


Possible options are the following:
userAgent a string defining the User Agent of the request (by default not set) cookie a cookie string or an array of cookie strings where a cookie is the value used by 'Set-Cookie' header maxRedirects how many redirects to allow (defaults to 5, set to 0 to disable redirects entirely) method HTTP method to use, defaults to GET (if body is set defaults to POST) body HTTP payload to send. If the value is an object it is converted to an x-www-form-urlencoded payload, other values are passed as is. Unlike authentication data payload and method is preserved between redirects contentType optional content type for the HTTP payload. Defaults to x-www-form-urlencoded. If the value is false then Content-Type header is not set tls optional object of TLS options timeout (milliseconds) sets timeout for the connection. Returns an error if timeout occurs headers custom headers as an object where key is the header key and value is either a string or an array of strings for multiple values allowErrorResponse of true then processes response even if the response code is non 2xx
```javascript var fetch = require('nodemailer-fetch'); fetch('', {
cookie: [
    'cookie_name2=cookie_value2; expires=Sun, 16 Jul 3567 06:23:41 GMT',
userAgent: 'MyFetcher/1.0'
}).pipe(process.stdout); ```
Cookies are domain specific like normal browser cookies, so if a redirect happens to another domain, then cookies are not passed to it, HTTPS-only cookies are not passed to HTTP etc.