NoDent - Asynchronous Javascript language extensions

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NoDent is a small module for Nodejs that implements the JavaScript ES7 keywords async and await. These make writing, reading and understanding asynchronous and callback methods more implicit and embedded in the language. It works by transforming the ES7 JavaScript keywords await and async to fully-ES5 compatible code.
This is the core compiler implementation. The main documentation and details for the CLI, require hook and package options, performance and testing can be found here.
var NodentCompiler = require('nodent-compiler');
var compiler = new NodentCompiler() ;
var es5ReadySourceCode = compiler.compile(
  { sourcemap:false, promises: true, noRuntime: true, es6target: true }

new NodentCompiler(opts) creates a new NodentCompiler. Note that instances of a NodentCompiler can (and should) be reused to improve compilation performance since internal structures are cached. opts is an optional set of options containing:
log:<null|function>		// Called by the compiler to report a compilation warning.
compiler.compile(sourceCode, filename, options) compiles ES7 source code containing async and await to ES5 source code.
sourceCode:<string>	// The source to compiler
filename:<?string>	// Optional original filename for source maps
	es7:<boolean>,			// Compile in es7 mode
	promises:<boolean>,		// Compile in Promises mode
	generators:<boolean>,	// Compile in generator mode
	engine:<boolean>,		// Compile in engine mode
	sourcemap:<boolean>,	// Create a sourcemap for the browser's debugger
	wrapAwait:<boolean>,	// Allow 'await' on non-Promise expressions
	lazyThenables:<boolean>,// Evaluate async bodies lazily in 'es7' mode.
    	noRuntime:<boolean>,  	// Only compatible with promises & engine. Generate pure ES5 code for an environment that support Promises natively or as a global declaration.
    	es6target:<boolean>		// Compile code assuming an ES6 target (as of v3.1.0, this only requires support for arrow functions)

Runtime requirements

nodent-runtime must be available to generated code if es7 or generators is set, or noRuntime is falsy. Promises must be available to generated code if promises, generators or engine is set.
To generate code that requires no runtime support other than Promises, set promises and noRuntime.