Analyzes license information for multiple node.js modules (package.json files) as part of your software project.

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NPM License Crawler
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NPM License Crawler is a wrapper around license-checker to analyze several node packages (package.json files) as part of your software project. This way, it is possible to create a list of third party licenses for your software project in one go. File paths containing ".git" or "nodemodules" are ignored at the stage where 'package.json' files are matched to provide the entry points to calling license-checker.


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Use global installation to be able to run npm-license-crawler from the command line.
npm i npm-license-crawler -g


  • --start directory-path: path to the directory the license search should start from.
If omitted the current working directory is assumed.
  • --exclude directory-path: path to a directory to be excluded (and its subdirectories) from the search.

  • --unknown: show only licenses that can't be determined or have been guessed.

  • --dependencies: show only third-party licenses, i.e., only list the dependencies defined in package.json.

  • --production: show only production dependencies

  • --development: show only development dependencies

  • --onlyDirectDependencies: show only direct dependencies licenses, i.e., don't list dependencies of dependencies.

  • --omitVersion: omit version numbers in result (e.g. "npm-license-crawler@0.1.5" becomes "npm-license-crawler")

  • --no-color: (or --no-color) don't show colors in the console output

  • --relativeLicensePath: output the relative file path for license files.

  • --json /path/to/save.json: export data as JSON to the given file.
The path will be created if it does not exist.
  • --csv /path/to/save.csv: export the data as comma-separated values to the given file.
The path will be created if it does not exist.


Called from the npm-license-crawler installation directory. If called in another directory make sure the given exclude path exists (or omit the --exclude option and argument).
npm-license-crawler  --exclude ./lib --dependencies --csv licenses.csv

Using npm-license-crawler API

See the following example.
var crawler = require('npm-license-crawler'),
    options = {
        start: ['../..'],
        exclude: ['.'],
        json: 'licenses.json',
        unknown: true

    function(error, res){
        if (error) {
            console.error("Error:", error);
        else {


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