simple dev module to add a pre-commit hook to block commits to master/main/trunk

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NPM package that adds a pre-commit hook that blocks commits to the master/main/truck branches of a git repository. May be optionally installed globally to provide commands to install the pre-commit hook into the local git repository.
Security notice: this will create a shell script that gets executed by git on every commit. Be sure to verify the code does what I say it does if you have any concerns about security.


Install as a dependency of an NPM package with the following command. This will install the package and activate the pre-commit hook. npm install --save-dev npm-nomaster-commits Install globally as a system command with the following command. This will allow nomaster and nomain to be executable commands that allow you to install or uninstall the pre-commit hook once in the current working directory if it contains a .git folder. npm install --global npm-nomaster-commits Then from a valid git repository run the following: nomaster --install nomain --install


nomaster options nomain options Examples: nomaster --install --directory /home/yourUser/github/yourRepository nomaster --install --directory c:\github\yourRepository nomaster --status


| option | description | |--|--| | help | Shows this help file. This is the default if no other option is provided. | | install | Install the pre-commit hook into the current .git folder of the current repository | | uninstall | Remove the matching pre-commit hook from the current .git folder of the current repository | | status | Shows the current installation status of the current working directory. It also will show if the current working directory is a valid git repository. | | verbose | Increase the verbosity of logging for debug purposes |