Wire Bower dependencies to your source code.

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a fork of wiredep intended for injecting node-modules in a bower-like fashion most instrucitons below are similar to that of wiredep

Getting Started

Install the module with npm:
$ npm install --save npm-wiredep

Changes from Wiredep

placeholders are renamed from bower/endbower to npm/endnpm
  <!-- bower:css -->
  <!-- endbower -->
  <!-- bower:js -->
  <!-- endbower -->

  <!-- npm:css -->
  <!-- endnpm -->
  <!-- npm:js -->
  <!-- endnpm -->

Package.json Requirements

for npm-wiredep to see the files which it needs to include, we need to list required in the Files array. Note, the files listed here are the only files that will appear in the node package
If there are no Files listed, then npm-wiredep will inject the path in the main string.
//  *--css/
//      *--test.css
//  *--js/
//      *--test.js


Configuration Changes

all other configuration options can be found at wiredep
  directory: 'the directory of your Npm packages.', // default: '.bowerrc'.directory || bower_components
  packageJson: 'your package.json file contents.',        // default: require('./package.json')
  src: ['filepaths', 'and/even/globs/*.html', 'to take', 'control of.'],

  // ----- Advanced Configuration -----
  // All of the below settings are for advanced configuration, to
  // give your project support for additional file types and more
  // control.
  // Out of the box, wiredep will handle HTML files just fine for
  // JavaScript and CSS injection.

  cwd: 'path/to/where/we/are/pretending/to/be',

  dependencies: true,    // default: true
  devDependencies: true, // default: false
  includeSelf: true,     // default: false

  exclude: [ /jquery/, 'node_modules/modernizr/modernizr.js' ],

  ignorePath: /string or regexp to ignore from the injected filepath/



Copyright for portions of project npm-wiredep are held by Stephen Sawchuk 2014 as part of wiredep. All other copyright for project npm-wiredep are held by David Viscomi 2017.