OCI NodeJS client for Identity

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OCI NodeJS client for Identity Service
This module enables you to write code to manage resources for Identity Service.


To use this module, you must have the following:
  • An Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account.
  • A user created in that account, in a group with a policy that grants the desired permissions. This can be a user for yourself, or another person/system that needs to call the API. For an example of how to set up a new user, group, compartment, and policy, see Adding Users. For a list of typical policies you may want to use, see Common Policies.
  • A key pair used for signing API requests, with the public key uploaded to Oracle. Only the user calling the API should be in possession of the private key. For more information, see Configuring Credentials


Use the following command to install this module:
npm install oci-identity

Alternatively you can git clone this repo.