Load modules on demand (lazy load) with angularJS

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ocLazyLoad Build Status ========== Lazy load modules & components in AngularJS ----

Find all the documentation (and more) on https://oclazyload.readme.io



Key features

  • Dependencies are automatically loaded
  • Debugger friendly (no eval code)
  • The ability to mix normal boot and load on demand
  • Load via the service or the directive
  • Use the embedded async loader or use your own (requireJS, ...)
  • Load js (angular or not) / css / templates files
  • Compatible with AngularJS 1.2.x/1.3.x/1.4.x/1.5.x/1.6.x

Looking for help

I'm looking for contributors to help me maintain the code (I'm gonna switch to Angular 2 soon, and I won't be much more invested in Angular 1 & ocLazyLoad). If you're interested, send me a tweet @OCombe or an email: olivier.combe@gmail.com !