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OneSky API for Node
This Node.js module provides access to the OneSky API for managing website translations.
Note: This module uses Onesky's "Classic API". Onesky has since released a new API called the Platform API. We should eventually migrate this module to the new API.
If you're looking for a service to order human translations, check out node-gengo.


Install via npm
npm install onesky --save


Initialize onesky with your public and private keys.
var onesky = require('onesky')(publicKey, privateKey);
Example calls
Note: All callbacks are passed an error and data argument: callback(err, data).
Create project with base locale en_US
onesky.project.add('My app', 'en_US', callback);
Fetch project
onesky.project.details('My app', callback);
Add a platform to a project
onesky.platform.add('My app', { type: 'website' }, callback);
Add a phrase to a platform. Strings parameter can be an object, array of objects, string, or an array of strings
var strings = [{
  string: 'My webapp is cool',
  stringKey: 'homepage.webapp_is_cool'
}, {
  string: 'Another sentence, without a stringKey'

onesky.string.input(platformId, strings, callback);
Order translations
  platformId: platformId,
  agencyId: 5,
  toLocale: 'es_ES',
  filter: 'ALL'
}, callback);
Fetch translations
  platformId: platformId,
  locale: 'es_ES'
}, callback);
For additional methods, see Onesky's documentation. All endpoints and options listed in the official API docs are available here.


Forks and pull requests welcome!


  • Add tests
  • Parse OneSky's response when approriate. OneSky often returns unnecessary nesting
  • Design a better way of defining API keys to allow use of multiple onesky accounts


Brandon Paton. Email me if you have any questions: Support by Localize.js.